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See some of the businesses and entrepreneur's we have helped in Erie County below.

Annual Meeting Award Winners

Click the award winner's name to learn more.

Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes individuals, companies or organizations that have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, outstanding business inspiration and ambition.


Lifetime Leadership

The Lifetime Leadership Award is presented to advocates who have made extraordinary contributions toward the vision of a vibrant Erie County over the course of their career. They have exemplified dedication, integrity and honorable service to our community. 


Talon Flohr YP Award

The Talon Flohr Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes an individual's outstanding contributions, engagement, and commitment to a brighter future in Erie County. 


Deal of the Year

The Deal of the Year Award recognizes a business that values Erie County as a strategic location.


Visionary Leadership

The Visionary Leadership Award recognizes outstanding efforts in economic development. This award is presented to a leader whose visionary contributions have broken social, political, or economic barriers, thereby opening doors and setting a new course for Erie County. 


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