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Unlocking Success: Embracing the Professional Mindset

A Recap of YP Week Event with the Minority Business Empowerment Team (MBET)

On July 29th, the Everwild Spirits in Sandusky, Ohio, played host to an event that left attendees inspired, enlightened, and eager to embrace a new perspective on success. The occasion was a collaborative effort between the North Coast Young Professionals (NCYP) and the Minority Business Empowerment Team (MBET), coming together for an enriching experience filled with networking, and learning.

The event, part of the North Coast Young Professional's YP Week, was a gathering of intellect, camaraderie, and personal growth. Everwild Spirits, a well-known gem nestled in Sandusky, proved to be the ideal setting for a presentation on the Professional Mindset. Among the event's many highlights was the presence of Hudson’s Herf – Mobile Cigar Lounge, a mobile haven of cigars that paired perfectly with the crafted drinks by Everwild Spirits.

The esteemed MBET Co-Chairs, Spencer Patterson and Blake Harris, along with Marcus Harris, a valued member of the MBET Steering Committee, led a presentation that delved deep into the essence of the professional mindset. As they shared their insights, it became evident that success was not solely determined by titles or positions but rather by a collection of attitudes and behaviors that form the foundation of a professional's journey.

A key lesson imparted was the significance of one's inner circle. The people we surround ourselves with, whether by choice or circumstance, play a pivotal role in our growth. Each speaker emphasized that these individuals can either elevate us to new heights or hold us back from our true potential. The event also brought to light the impact of upbringing on the professional mindset. The role of parents, family, and even those connected by bonds beyond blood, was acknowledged as instrumental in instilling positive behaviors that contribute to a successful journey.

Drawing strength and resilience from diverse sources was another focal point. The power of faith, be it in oneself or a higher power, was identified as a beacon of light during the darkest times on the path.

Undoubtedly, emotional intelligence emerged as a primary ingredient of the professional mindset. The five elements of emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, motivation, and social skills – were dissected to reveal their importance in personal and professional growth.

A riveting aspect of the presentation was the battle of two mindsets: the growth mindset versus the fixed mindset. Adopting the growth mindset, characterized by a thirst for learning, development, and relentless effort, was underscored as the driving force behind the professional mindset. This perspective, each agreed, allowed individuals to see the world as a realm of possibilities rather than limitations.

In a resounding statement, the MBET team reaffirmed that being a professional was not confined to a particular occupation or level of seniority. Instead, it was a state of mind, a deliberate choice to embrace a mindset that opens doors and paves the way for advancement.


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