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Empowering Entrepreneurs: Meet the Recent Recipients of MBET's Startup Scholarship

In a world where entrepreneurship knows no boundaries, it's inspiring to witness budding entrepreneurs build new and unique businesses for communities to enjoy. The Minority Business Empowerment Team (MBET) has been supporting new businesses like this in the last few years, most recently by offering the MBET Startup Scholarship. Six promising businesses were awarded the $625 grant in the last few months, each driven by passionate individuals with great visions.

Thanks to the support of the Mylander Foundation and RISE, MBET is empowering these entrepreneurs by sponsoring the cost of forming their businesses with the State of Ohio and providing essential support to set them up for success. Additionally, the Hogrefe Foundation has committed a generous $500 grant to assist with startup expenses. This opportunity is available for up to 35 applicants who complete the required steps: writing a brief business plan, putting together a financial plan, registering their business entity with the State of Ohio, obtaining an EIN, opening a business bank account, investigating business insurance, and establishing an online presence.

Now, let's get to know each of the new recipients and their businesses:

Owner: Miasuki Sanders

Location: 1907 Cleveland Rd, Sandusky

Belleza Pura by Miasuki provides high-quality beauty services, both to local residents and tourists, allowing them to look and feel their best. Miasuki's goal is to expand her clientele and become the most demanded service provider in the area. Additionally, she aspires to create an academy that encourages and empowers other women to provide beauty services.

Owner: Cynthia McClung

Cynthia McClung LLC specializes in marketing, writing, and entrepreneuring. Cynthia's superpower is traveling solo with children, and she offers various writing services, including blog writing, editorial pieces, article writing, and E-Newsletters. She also has plans to launch several blogs.

Owner: Edy Harlan

Location: 1304 Hayes Ave, Sandusky

The Garden of Edy offers a delightful array of artwork, clothing, earrings, and home decor, all inspired by nature, beauty, and creativity. Edy's mission is to provide unique and high-quality products that inspire and uplift her customers.

Luxe 419

Owners: DeAndre Fuller, Morgan Johnson

Luxe 419 is on a mission to create a trendy, upscale lounge that is unlike any other. Their establishment will feature a full bar and restaurant.

Owner: Gabriela Meza

Luxury Floral Arrangements specializes in selling luxury floral and money bouquets online. Gabriela aims to capture a broad target market, from young adults to the elderly, celebrating special moments with modern and bold unique bouquets. Her business serves Erie, Huron, Richland, and Seneca Counties.

Owner: Kristinia Bilby

Reliance Bookkeeping LLC offers a home-based bookkeeping service, catering to small business owners in Erie, Lorain, and Huron counties. Kristinia provides essential financial support with daily bookkeeping needs, utilizing Quickbooks Online.

The Minority Business Empowerment Team is excited to recognize and award these new businesses for their outstanding ideas and dedication. We look forward to seeing the positive impact they will make in the future, not only for their own success but also for the betterment of our communities. As they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, we wish them every success and hope their stories inspire many others to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.


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