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Lake Erie Arms - Day 4

Safety, Education, & Responsibility

Would you drive 2000 miles in 5 days in an RV?

Well in 2018 that is exactly what Brent McConnel, Jim West, and Larry Fawcett did. Traveling over 2000 miles in 5 days visiting the best indoor facilities across the country on a fact-finding mission. Learning what these businesses did right, what they did wrong, and what they would have done differently now that they are up and running. This was the first step in what would become the development of a business plan to expand Lake Erie Arms. Jim and Brent have spent the last 10 years building what soon will be a facility unlike any other. Lake Erie Arms began in 2012 as a 1,200 square-foot facility primarily focused on training and retail. During this time, Brent and Jim found their niche in the training and education space and have determined that to be one of their largest strengths. As they recognized their business growing with their training programs being a big part of their success, they began exploring what expanding their business would look like.

Fast Facts

  • This will be a $14 Million Dollar state-of-the-art shooting facility

  • This investment will result in the hiring of approximately 100 people

Fast forward to May 18th, 2022, where Lake Erie Arms hosted a groundbreaking ceremony on what will become a 94,000 square foot facility. Founder Brent and Jim, along with 12 additional investors are set to build what will be a first of its kind indoor facility. This new facility will not only be a product of the amazing things they learned from the RV tour but also lean into the strengths the business has as a premier training and educational facility. This new facility will greatly improve Lake Erie Arms’ capacity in several key areas. Beginning first with their retail space. What was once a 1,000 square foot space will be transformed into a 9,000 square foot that looks to provide insight and education with each product. Training, a major component of their business, currently has the capacity for 4-5 classes. But with this expansion and the additional training facilities will now be able to offer 25 courses. Housed inside this 94,000 square foot facility will be 2 acres for indoor shooting. This will give Lake Erie Arms the ability to hold shooting sport events, a major attraction aspect to this expansion. This will allow for the reintroduction of youth shooting sports where youths can learn the safety and responsibility necessary to manage a gun. They anticipate this expansion will draw visitors from across the country as they host shooting sporting events.

Safety, Education, and Responsibility. These three words you will hear often in conversations with anyone from Lake Erie Arms. Brent, Jim, and the team comprise a strong background and experience in the common practices gun owners should have in safety, education, and responsibility. Brent, a former police officer, and their leadership team which comprises over 300 years of police experience want to ensure that safety, education, and responsibility, are at the core of the services and products they offer. Brent puts it like this, “Safety and responsibility are the foundation that we build upon.”

Visitors will also find many additional amenities including places to gather and eat, including a coffee shop and deli open to the public. Members will have a separate dining and bar area, locker rooms, steam sauna and showers, first and second floor outdoor patios, and event spaces. Memberships range from $40 per month and up and will include a lot of the unique experiences Lake Erie Arms plans to offer.

During this time Lake Erie Arms have made a name for themselves, receiving various acknowledgements and certifications. They have been awarded as a Top 100 Henry Dealer, Glock Perfectionist, signaling themselves as a top Glock retailer, and have earned the ability to provide law enforcement discounts on their purchases. With the opening of their new faciality, keep an eye out as they continue to pursue additional acknowledgements, awards, and certifications as a one-of-a-kind facility. To take part in these opportunities such as training, access to the various parts of the facility, and more, check out their membership options.

Did You Know?

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