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Vermilion Main Street Beach - Day 10

A Place for the Public to Enjoy

Vermilion is making waves! Announced earlier this year, with involvement from various funding sources, will be investing $2.3 million dollars in restoring and enhancing Main Street Beach. Located on the northern edge of Main Street, Mayor of Vermilion Jim Forthofer describes this site's importance. “That spot is where Vermilion began, that is where people landed.” Speaking directly to the rich history of this location and its roots in the community, the City of Vermilion, led at the time by Eileen Bulan, jumped at the opportunity to purchase the land.

Mayor of Vermilion Forthofer spoke to the importance of having this beach. “Only about 20% of the Lake Erie Coast is available to the general public, this gives access to the lake no matter where on the economic ladder you are on.” “It is rare for everyday people to be able to enjoy the lake without paying anything” This project was headed by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Erie MetroParks in coordination with the City of Vermilion. This project is unique due to the level of involvement in the investment to develop this public amenity. The actual purchase of this site was done through all private fundraising, the building of the comfort station brought together funding from The Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Erie MetroPark, the City of Vermilion and various community members. (Photo Credit: Sandusky Register)

Fast Facts

  • 3000 people can be seen at the beach on Thursdays throughout the summer

  • A majority of this funding came from grants and private donors

  • Recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the comfort station

Included in this project are a new comfort station with bathrooms, a new parking lot, new sidewalks, new kayak and canoe launch, improved landscaping around the beach, ADA accessibility, concession stand, and additional safety features, with some of these are already in place today. This plan consists of much more than just adding features to the beach but also protecting the assets it currently has. Significant actions such as strengthening the shoreline from erosion as water levels rise, demolishing dilapidated sites for safety, and permanently protecting this lakefront property to ensure the beach and park can be enjoyed by generations to come. “People are finding this beach and they just come,” said Mayor Forthofer. The City of Vermilion is extremely fortunate to have multiple service organizations such as Main Street Vermilion and the Vermilion Chamber of Commerce that work to publicize the space and host events to bring the public together. A few examples include a concert once a week on Sundays, the Hot Diggity Dog Dog Parade, Fish Festival, and a Sandcastle Competition. These service organizations will continue to find more opportunities to highlight and utilize this improved site for the City of Vermilion and surrounding communities to enjoy. To learn more about the countless opportunities at Main Street Beach and downtown Vermilion, visit Discover Vermilion.

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