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At the end of each year, and in the holiday spirit, ECEDC hosts the “12 Days of Development”.  This series shares stories featuring the key economic development projects alongside some feel-good business cases that highlighted the year along the shores of Lake Erie. Click a link below to read one of 2019’s features.

  1. BGSU Resort & Attraction Management Program

  2. Urban Health Collective

  3. Collective Projects

  4. Quarry Hill Orchards

  5. K&K Interiors, Inc.

  6. Dave’s Park Avery

  7. Sandusky Salvage & Design

  8. EHOVE Career Center

  9. Columbus Ave. Revitalization

  10. CertainTeed Corporation

  11. Cedar Point Sports Center

  12. ECEDC Days in Development

12 Days of Development

2019 was a great year in Erie County, Ohio. We hope to work with you soon.

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