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The Truth About Commercial Landlords

On Friday, May 19th, the Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship (RISE), a program dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering small business growth, hosted a speaker event titled "The Truth About Commercial Landlords." The event took place at Saucy Brew Works Sandusky and featured Kula Hoty Lynch, Corporate Counsel at Hoty Enterprises, Inc., as the esteemed speaker.

The event provided an insightful platform for attendees to gain valuable knowledge and practical insights into the dynamics of the landlord-tenant relationship in the commercial real estate sector. Kula Hoty Lynch, an experienced business owner and legal expert, shared her expertise and engaged the audience with her presentation.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to connect on a one-on-one basis with local entrepreneurs who are looking to create a solid foundation for their growing businesses. Their questions and concerns help me learn as well, so I think it was really a win-win,” Hoty Lynch said.

During the event, Hoty Lynch drew from her extensive experience as the owner of Once Upon a Child in Sandusky and the pioneer behind the local Plato's Closet, her first venture into retail. She highlighted the importance of giving back to the community and emphasized the significance of working with various individuals in the business landscape.

Hoty Lynch captivated the audience by discussing the crucial elements of successful dealings with commercial landlords. She stressed the significance of viewing the landlord-tenant relationship as a partnership, emphasizing that both parties should benefit mutually from each other's success. Kula Hoty Lynch cautioned attendees about potential warning signs when dealing with landlords who do not share a partnership mentality.

She also shared valuable advice on conducting thorough research on potential landlords, including checking their track record and reputation. She urged attendees to ask questions, seek information from other tenants, and consult professionals such as realtors and attorneys who possess expertise in zoning regulations, building codes, and lease agreements.

The event concluded with Hoty Lynch highlighting the significance of understanding one's business cycle, assessing costs, and evaluating cash flow when proposing lease terms to landlords. Attendees left the event armed with practical insights and actionable advice to navigate the complexities of the landlord-tenant relationship successfully.

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About RISE:

The Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship (RISE) is a small business support program in Erie and Huron Counties. RISE offers a range of services and resources to help entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses, including 1-on-1 advising, workshops, and networking opportunities.


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