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N2Y - Day 8

Innovating Education

Few companies in Erie County can say that they have had the reach and impact like n2y. Starting in 1997 in Huron, Ohio, n2y is a developer of education curricula and teaching materials for K-12 students with special needs. Jacquie Clark, a speech language pathologist, wanted to solve a problem. She wanted to help her students in special education increase their communication, comprehension, and socialization skills. That is when the light bulb lit up and n2y was created. Beginning first as a digital newspaper. it was designed to facilitate literacy development using current events and relevant news for students in special education. It has since evolved as innovative technologies have been developed.

Fast Facts

  • Started as a print newspaper for students to connect to event around them

  • Recognized by SIIA as Company of the Year in 2022

  • Employs over 200 people across the country

N2y has changed as innovative technologies have intersected our daily lives. Even today, providing a digital newspaper highlighting current and world events only represents a sliver of what they offer. Assisting students and teachers is at the core of what n2y does today. From the Unique Learning System, Polaris + ULS Flyer, SymbolStix Prime, and the L3 Skills, they have taken a comprehensive approach to providing educational tools for students to improve their communication, comprehension, and socialization skills. N2y has recently announced the launch of their newest product, Inspire. This new academic intervention curriculum steers struggling and/or at-risk students. This changes the approach to education from teacher-led instruction to independent learning, facilitating students to develop the skills they need to be successful in both school and life. “Inspire proves that struggling and at-risk students can make tremendous gains with the right support,” said n2y Chief Innovation Officer Alli Vice in a company press release. “It provides a pathway for students to build confidence as teachers gradually give learners more control—from explicit instruction to guided practice and independent learning.” This new program will help both students and teachers. Students will achieve important outcomes with evidence-based active learning. Teachers can meet the needs of every learner with efficient assessments that identify skill gaps, provide solutions, and produce critical performance information.

“Inspire was designed to reach the needs of students who are struggling and require extra, focused support to learn,” Ed Holmes, CEO, shared in a press release. “We can’t wait to empower educators with this solution so they can close the learning gaps and get students back on track.” N2y is consistently changing our approach to special education. This change is felt by special education administrators, teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, and most importantly students. Through a combination of their tools, teachers are empowered with evidence and research-based solutions for the students to achieve. N2y has been recognized repeatedly by professional organizations. These awards are given to those who have had success in innovating technology products within the education, media, and software industries. Through their constant development of new technological tools, n2y will continue to assist students develop the skills necessary to succeed both in the classroom and in life.

Did You Know? Attracting and retaining the top talent is essential for companies like n2y. But it does not stop there. These employees then need the training to be successful in their role. Organizations like ECEDC and the Economic Development arm of Ohio, JobsOhio, is invested in assisting growing companies like n2y train and upskill their workforce. Connect with our office to more about the various programs to train and upskill your workforce today.

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