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A Look Into the Life of an Engineer

Hi I’m Marc Alhborg, an engineer at LEWCO. There are several stereotypes that come with being an engineer. I won’t debate if any apply to me, but I hate hearing them nonetheless. Everyone has had good and bad co-workers, and that same logic applies to engineers, CEOs, and everyone else in the workplace. I want to be known as a great engineer. The most important qualities in a great engineer, co-worker, employee (whomever), are hard work and being results driven. Everyone’s boss, including mine, wants a job finished quickly and correctly.

Hard Work: Applied

I work on a computer most days designing mechanical components for LEWCO’s conveyor line. A lot of detail and thought go into each and every conveyor, and in order to meet the demands of the industry, we are developing new systems all the time. The rise in eCommerce has sent the industry into a frenzy to keep up. Our engineering team has to work hard and deliver quality designs to stay relevant with the fact pace.

Don’t want this to happen to your package!

These concepts apply to more than just my working life. I am a big soccer player, and all the best players are hard workers and get wins. The Put-In-Bay cup is the most anticipated event of the year, and my team is the reigning champ. Visiting the islands and enjoying the recreation they provide is my favorite part about living in the area. I always try to work hard, but I never forget to play hard.

Skills for Work and for Life

Of course soft skills are important in both life and the workplace. I often work on my communication and speaking to bolster my skill set. Productive time management and a positive attitude are also important skills I focus on.

Finally, to become a great engineer, I need experience. Nothing beats it. Experience is often the first thing employers look for in a candidate, and also one of the hardest things to get. Ultimately, I believe working hard and delivering results, combined with experience gained over time, will allow me, or you reading this, to reach whatever goal you set out to achieve.

Why I Became an Engineer

It was always an easy decision for me. My father and mother are engineers, I have an uncle who is an engineer, my sister, brother, and some cousins all went to school for engineering. Engineering worked for me too.

The Place to Be

I grew up in Richfield, Ohio, attended OSU for college, and ended up in Sandusky when LEWCO offered me a job. I recommend applying for jobs in many different industries as I did, because you never know where you will end up.

Sandusky has been a good home to me and LEWCO has been a great fit. The small company provides an opportunity to interact with the owners and make a noticeable contribution day to day. I work on some unique projects and get some extra flexibility that would not be permitted at a large manufacturer.

I was able to contribute to the Sandusky Bicentennial parade in 2018 by joining LEWCO’s committee and helping with the design for the parade float. The parade had thousands of viewers and was just one of the many great events put on by the city.

Marc’s story is part of ECEDC’s celebration of In Demand Jobs week, featuring young professionals from our region. In economic and workforce development our role is to help ensure the talent is available to fill in-demand careers. In support of this work, our regional partners at TeamNEO produce the Aligning Opportunities Report  – click the photo below to learn more about Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

This guest blog post was brought to you in partnership with the North Coast Young Professionals.


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