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Investor Breakfast

We have recently held our investor breakfast to introduce current and new investors with one another. We are funded completely through donations from local municipalities (30%) and private businesses (70%) throughout Erie County. It is the value we bring to each of these stakeholders that has led to their investment. With over 40 public and private sector representatives in attendance, the staff, Andy Kurtz from BGSU Firelands, and House Representative D.J. Swearingen spoke at the event.

Kurtz began the program highlighting the various accomplishments of the organization including the attraction of the large agricultural producer, Mucci Farms, and assisting in the development of Falcons Point, a satellite university located in downtown Sandusky. Kurtz mentioned that a majority of our work is done behind the scenes but continues to move our economy forward.

House Representative D.J. Swearingen discussed some of the upcoming legislation he hopes to see accomplished. Legislation included better connectivity between Sandusky and Columbus, improvements to our education system, and a move towards decreasing the state income tax. He discussed the importance of creating strong families in our district and said, "that's what ECEDC is doing through their work." Representative Swearingen sits on the House Economic Development Committee and will play a large role in what types of programs will be available in the future.

We appreciate the support and look forward to continuing to expand our impact as we work to make Erie County a great place to start, stay, and grow for both residents and businesses.


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