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International Economic Development Week

International Economic Development Week (IEDW) is an annual event that celebrates the contributions of economic development professionals in creating thriving communities around the world. The event is organized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and takes place in May each year.

As Erie County Economic Development Corporation (ECEDC) joins the rest of the world in celebrating IEDW, it is essential to acknowledge the vital role that economic development plays in the growth and development of communities worldwide. Economic development refers to the initiatives and policies aimed at improving the economic well-being of a region or a country. It encompasses activities such as job creation, attracting investments, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering innovation.

Economic development is a critical aspect of any community's growth and sustainability. In Erie County, economic development has been instrumental in boosting the region's economic growth and creating employment opportunities for its residents. ECEDC has been at the forefront of driving economic development initiatives in the region, partnering with local businesses, and government agencies to create a conducive environment for investment.

ECEDC's efforts have paid off, with Erie County experiencing significant economic growth in recent years. For instance, the region has seen strong growth in the number of businesses opening up, with several national and international companies expanding in the area. This has led to increased job opportunities, higher incomes, and improved living standards for the residents.

One notable success story of ECEDC's economic development efforts is the attraction of Ardagh Group, a global leader in infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging solutions. Through a collaborative effort between ECEDC, City of Huron, TeamNEO, and JobsOhio, Ardagh Group's initial investment in the City of Huron total 411 million dollars and created 211 jobs. Read More.

As we celebrate IEDW, it is essential to recognize the importance of economic development and the role that ECEDC plays in driving the region's growth. ECEDC's efforts have been instrumental in creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and for residents to enjoy improved standards of living. Going forward, it is crucial to continue supporting economic development initiatives that will help Erie County achieve sustained economic growth and prosperity.

About Ardagh

Ardagh Group is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging for the world's leading brands. Ardagh operates 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing more than 16,000 people with sales of $7 billion.

About Team NEO

Team NEO is a private, nonprofit economic development organization accelerating business growth and job creation throughout the 18 counties of the Northeast Ohio Region. As the designated JobsOhio Network Partner, we align and amplify local economic development efforts in the region’s 18 counties; we conduct research and data analysis to inform local conversations and influence solutions; we market the Northeast Ohio Region; and we work to increase access to jobs, education and training for the region’s 4.3 million people. We do this to build a more vibrant regional economy – one that is more talented, equitable, competitive, innovative, resilient and prosperous. For more information, visit

About JobsOhio

JobsOhio is a private nonprofit economic development corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion. The organization also works to seed talent production in its targeted industries and to attract talent to Ohio through Find Your Ohio. Learn more at


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