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Greetings from Monroeville!

Greetings from Monroeville! I’m Emily Andrews, and I work as a communication and marketing specialist at Janotta & Herner.

I have a confession to make…. I didn’t know much about construction before I took this job.  I knew they built things (duh I know).

One of the biggest things I have found about working in the construction industry is how many different types of jobs there are even at just one company.

How our Company Builds

To build something (be it a school, hospital, church, automotive dealership, etc), you need a lot of people to do a lot of different things.

You need to have an architect to design the project. Then you need to have a crew that can handle leveling the ground, pouring concrete, fabricating the steel frame for the building, hanging drywall and so much more. You need a supervisor who can make sure all of the different crew members are doing things in the most efficient way to make sure the project gets completed correctly. You have safety managers who make sure that everyone who is doing all of these dangerous jobs are as safe as possible while they are doing it. You have project managers who work directly with the client to keep them updated on the progress of the project and if there are any changes work with the supervisor to make sure they are aware. Outside of that, you have the office staff that makes sure everything on the administration side is taken care of including human resources, payroll, accounting, reception, etc.

When we think about workforce needs and in-demand jobs, it’s easy to say “construction”, but that doesn’t account for all the different jobs you can have even within that industry. Some need degrees and certifications where others just need to be good with their hands and able to do some very heavy lifting.

Luckily, we have been in business for over 50 years but with all of those people who have made our company great are now starting to think about retirement so we need new blood to take the helm and learn from the resources we have now.  These retirements will lead to new jobs for the next generation.

Living and Learning along Lake Erie

This is a great time to have a career in this area. I grew up in Norwalk. When I went away for college almost 15 years ago, there wasn’t much of a reason to come back. I remember in high school the highlight of a weekend would be to go to Steak and Shake and then roam around Meijer because it was open late. But then slowly when I would come back and visit my parents I started to see things changing. Th

ere were more local restaurants opening up. There was a change in the way people started talking about the area and what was happening. When I got an opportunity to move back five years ago, I jumped at it. I am even more impressed than I could have imagined then at what this area is like now. We are taking advantage of the shoreline and Lake Erie more than I have ever seen before. There are cool restaurants and boutique shops that rival what Cleveland has. We have a small town feel with some big city amenities, and it continues to grow.

Some of the things I like to do in this area that didn’t exist when I was growing up: Riding my bike along the Rails to Trails, drinking wine at Kroger before grocery shopping, Eating tacos and corn fritters at Barra, doing some local shopping at the Huron Lakefront Market and so much more. This area has really grown into a place for all ages.

So if I leave you with anything to take away, it is to find a place you like and make it a place you love. If you find a career that you enjoy, it will make your life more fulfilled then you can take that and improve the place you live, become involved in the community that surrounds you. Life isn’t just about a job, your family or your cat; it’s about everything as a whole.

Emily’s story is part of ECEDC’s celebration of In Demand Jobs week, featuring young professionals from our region. In economic and workforce development our role is to help ensure the talent is available to fill in-demand careers. In support of this work, our regional partners at TeamNEO produce the Aligning Opportunities Report  – click the photo below to learn more about Aligning Opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

This guest blog post was brought to you in partnership with the North Coast Young Professionals.


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