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March 29, 2021 – Ardagh Group, a global leader in infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging solutions, has purchased a facility in Huron, Ohio, that it is converting into a manufacturing plant producing infinitely recyclable beverage cans and ends. The facility will begin production in late-2021 and provide more than 200 local jobs.

The facility will produce beverage cans in multiple sizes for a variety of categories, including sparkling water, soft drinks, teas and alcoholic beverages. "This project forms part of Ardagh's Group’s global $2.1 billion 2021-2024 business growth investment program and is being undertaken to meet fast-growing demand as consumers increasingly recognize the environmental and quality advantages of beverage cans,” said Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America. “Our products deliver high recycle and content rates, which support customer sustainability targets and contribute to a circular economy. This latest expansion is indicative of Ardagh's consistent commitment to supporting customer growth."

The city of Huron, Erie County Economic Development Corporation, Ohio Development Services Agency, JobsOhio and Team NEO collaborated with Ardagh in support of the project. This economic development team provided a variety of resources and insights to help bring the project to Northeast Ohio versus other locations in the Mid- and Southwest that were under consideration.

“We are thrilled with Ardagh’s decision to invest and set down roots in Huron. They have proven to be a tremendously successful company that is growing rapidly,” said Matt Lasko, city manager for the city of Huron. “There has been renewed interest, from a development perspective, occurring in the region for the last few years, and Ardagh’s decision to locate here is a prime example of that. We look forward to the partnership moving forward.”

Abbey Bemis, Executive Director for the Erie County Economic Development Corporation also commented on the project, “Ardagh’s commitment demonstrates confidence in the trajectory of Erie County’s $1.6 B manufacturing economy and our region’s resources and people. We are looking forward to the role Huron will play in Ardagh’s continued success.”

Team NEO CEO Bill Koehler added, “Like so many advanced manufacturing companies, Ardagh recognizes that Northeast Ohio offers a host of advantages and resources — including our talented workforce. Team NEO, our local partners and JobsOhio welcome them to our region and look forward to helping them build success here.”

About Ardagh

Ardagh Group is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging for the world's leading brands. Ardagh operates 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing more than 16,000 people with sales of $7 billion.

About Team NEO

Team NEO is a private, nonprofit economic development organization accelerating business growth and job creation throughout the 18 counties of the Northeast Ohio Region. As the designated JobsOhio Network Partner, we align and amplify local economic development efforts in the region’s 18 counties; we conduct research and data analysis to inform local conversations and influence solutions; we market the Northeast Ohio Region; and we work to increase access to jobs, education and training for the region’s 4.3 million people. We do this to build a more vibrant regional economy – one that is more talented, equitable, competitive, innovative, resilient and prosperous. For more information, visit

About JobsOhio JobsOhio is a private nonprofit economic development corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion. The organization also works to seed talent production in its targeted industries and to attract talent to Ohio through Find Your Ohio. Learn more at


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