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Advanced Manufacturing Student Bootcamp

Advanced Manufacturing Student Bootcamp

Erie County, OH ––– The Erie County Business Advisory Council (BAC) with the help of Erie County Economic Development Corporation (ECEDC), North Point Educational Service Center (NPESC), and Firelands Forward recently facilitated a Student Bootcamp, an innovative way to expose local students to career paths in the area. The Erie County K12 Business Advisory Council’s (BAC) mission is to cultivate relationships and enhance connections between the business and education communities to understand local opportunities and implement support strategies. Why do we do this? To empower businesses and students so their futures can thrive together.

Students were selected based on YouScience data, which measures a student's aptitude and interest in various industry clusters. This ensures the BAC is targeting students who, based on YouScience data, would have a high likelihood of success in the industry.

32 Students from Huron, Perkins, Edison, Margaretta, and Sandusky visited 3 Advanced Manufacturers, Sandusky Packaging, Bettcher Industries, and Humanetics[ML1] . Advanced manufacturers presented to the group their history and impact in the industry today. They shared various opportunities and the benefits of working for their business. Students were then able to tour the facilities, seeing firsthand the type of work environment, the various roles, and the exceptional products made at these facilities.

The advanced manufacturing industry cluster includes careers such as machinists, molders, welders, assemblers, quality technicians, laboratory technicians, and fabricators. The industry is growing rapidly with built up demands for a skilled labor force.

"So many people don't know that there are amazing things manufactured right here in Erie County. Local companies selling all over the world, building the products we need to test cars, buy meat, or package medications. By exposing these students to these businesses, they can see firsthand what the work entails and how they can be a part of it. Kudos to local school leaders who continue to make career exploration a priority for their students." stated Nico Samaniego, Business Development Coordinator at the Erie County Economic Development Corporation.

The BAC is led by the seven area school districts in Erie County, many business and community representatives, EHOVE Career Center, North Point Educational Service Center, BGSU Firelands, Firelands Forward, and the Erie County Economic Development Corporation. These organizers comprise the BAC Steering Committee, charged with establishing and directing a strategic framework for the council.


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