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The Erie County Economic Development Corporation is a Private, Non-Profit Corporation focused on growing the economic opportunities for individuals and businesses through Erie County and the Firelands Region. We do this by facilitating the creation and retention of jobs through collaborative and comprehensive economic development programs free of charge for all of our clients. 

To do this work, we rely on the support of investors from throughout the community including, businesses, municipalities, foundations, & community members. 


With the support of these business investors, we are able to do provide our services free of charge.

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"The team at EDEDC has made a profound impact on our work redeveloping property (2509 Hayes) and attracting businesses.  Their efforts have allowed us to properly engage the community leaders in our projects, attract businesses to the area, and pursue economic development resources at every level.  They have been a true pleasure to work with." ​

William Shoemaker, 2509 Hayes LLC

"Abbey Bemis and the full ECEDC Team were incredibly helpful. We engaged with them very early on in our process to learn what resources were available in Erie County, and to get guidance on regulatory agencies, grants, HR, location assistance, and employee benefit providers. They were very responsive and enthusiastic and we really felt like they were ready and willing to do anything they could to help us. ECEDC is a pretty amazing resource for any new startup in Erie County and we are very grateful for their assistance and ongoing support of Everwild Spirits." ​

Rick Lynch, Everwild Spirits LLC 

"ECEDC's assistance and support guiding CertainTeed through various levels of federal, state, and local approvals for some of our most recent capital projects was extremely helpful and we appreciate your staff sharing their business acumen with our team supporting us with our needs. Thank you again for all the support over the years and look forward to more opportunities for ECEDC and CertainTeed to work together in the future"

L. Troy Fronzaglio, CertainTeed LLC.

“We tell everyone we know about the team at RISE & ECEDC. It's a blessing to have such great leaders within our community. The support they have offered throughout our business growth as well as our clients has been absolutely invaluable. They inspire, direct, motivate, and support our every move with a strong focus and commitment to positive community development. We appreciate everything they do.”​

Meg Corso, BA Marketing


Introducing TEAMECEDC! This membership allows community members to support our work and get additional access to our organization. Connecting the people, resources, and tools for companies to be successful is essential in today's hyper competitive global economy. This is what allows communities to thrive and prosper. Organizations like ours are pivotal in ensuring this work is done. 

To do this work we rely on private donations. This allows us to offer our services free of charge to all of our clients. 


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